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Elementor – One Of The Best WordPress Plugins

Need to design your new WordPress-based website? meet one of the best WordPress plugins you can get to make your life way easier.

Every WordPress-based site owner that only starts his way in the field on most occasions finds himself overwhelmed with every little thing he has to learn and do. Even if it’s not your first rodeo it’s still isn’t that easy to customize the website all by yourself. BUT… What if we tell you there is a way without getting into coding that you can make a mesmerizing website design with ease using one of the best WordPress plugins.

Meet Elementor – One Of The Best WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Designing Process Very Easy

What makes Elementor so great? Well, there are many reasons standing behind its greatness. Elementor gives you the tools to make your boring-looking website – Vibrant, unique, and Impressive. The best thing about this plugin is that you don’t have to be a professional Website designer to do so. 

4 million website owners don’t lie, Elementor is the best DIY option to get a very polished WordPress website of your own. Easy drag-and-drop page builder will make designing easy! To summarize with Elementor you will get those perks: 

  • Free or at least cheap way to get the job done – With this plugin You will forget the days when u were hiring freelancers for those jobs. Now you can do it yourself with almost no effort using this one of the best WordPress plugins.
  • Unique High-quality WebsiteElementor eliminates the standard boring post\page templates and makes your website stand out from the crowd of the basic WordPress themes. 
  • User-friendly Plugin With Elementor you don’t need any coding skills. This plugin is very friendly for users at every level of experience. So you can say bye to learning HTML/CSS/PHP/coding or getting a freelancer in this field. 
  • See The Changes You Make Live – Elementor works on the front end of your website and give you the
  • Elementor compatibility – doesn’t matter what theme you use in your WordPress theme, with Elementor you can upgrade your design and make it unique and polished.

The Benefits From Using Elemenetor

  • This plugin comes with a wide variety of features to choose from, doesn’t matter what you want to add, with Elementor you got it – images, heading, carousels, icons, image galleries, shortcodes, dividers, social media icons, testimonials, progress bars, and a lot more. 
  • Easy elements placing – Just take whatever you like and drag it to the place you want it. easy! 
  • SEO friendly, Automatically responsive to mobile pages.
  • Large collection of templates with 150 free templates and 300+ Paid templates. Import templates from a wide collection and simply modify them as you like. 
  • Progress in life – everything you change with the theme builder you will see it precisely as it will show on the finished page. 
  • Woocomerce compatibility Builder mode – Similar to theme builder in WordPress, in Woocomerce you will have “Woocomerce builder mode” that allows you to rebuild and redo all of your default pages in one go.

Pricing for one of the best WordPress plugins


Free of charge (at least the basic package) 

  •  You can start with the basic package it has more than enough, but it is very worth it to get the EXTRA 15% with the pro version.  in Elementor there are no secret costs and extra annoying registrations with the basic package there will be no funny business only awesomeness! So… why should you get the Pro edition you ask? we will explain why: 
  • Theme builder and Woocomerce builder are strictly for the paying users, so if you have a commerce website or just want some extra tweaking of your headers and footers, do yourself a favor and get the pro version. 
  • The Pro version comes with additional 300+ additional templates and 50+ modules and elements. In addition to the pro version, you can build pop-ups and integrate them with coupons\offers and or forms.
  • Global widgets builder, Custom Elementor blocks (using custom CSS), deployment of elements in sidebars and widgets. 
  • Form builder with integration options to most of the popular marketing tools
  • 24/7  Premium Customer support 

Those are the current prices of the Pro Package

Before purchasing the Pro version –  check out the free version right now and you will see the greatness of this Amazing plugin! 

Get Started

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