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A List Of Digital Marketing Courses For Free Online

There are many free online courses in a verity of subjects like Digital Marketing from leading platforms like canvas, and even Google.

We live in a world where we can obtain knowledge online on any subject in a matter of seconds. free education and certificates are also obtainable from huge companies like Google for absolutely free. many academies offer their services for you but they all have different routes to offer, you can learn Digital Marketing in leading online E-learning industries like Canvas, Coursera, and more. that’s why we listed some of the most worthwhile free courses for you to invest your precious time in.

Free Online Courses In Digital Marketing 

Google’s free online course.

A List Of Digital Marketing Courses For Free Online like canvas

Google is offering a variety of free online courses online with an authentic certificate at the end of the course for absolutely free. you can sign up for a free course today through Google Digital Garage. here are all the details of the course and what you’ll have to go through to receive a free certificate in Digital Marketing. 

| The course is free of charge.
| An authentic certificate in Digital Marketing.
| 26 Modules.
| 40+ Hours. 
| Course for beginners.
| Open to all.
| No restrictions. 

The course consists of the following subjects. 

| E-commerce.
| Email Marketing.
| Local Marketing. 
| Analytics.
| Social Media Marketing.
| Web Optimization. 

At the end of the course, you will be able to download a digital certificate from Google which you can use in your CV for your business adventures.


A List Of Digital Marketing Courses For Free Online like canvas

Coursera is an online education institute, that is working together with more than 200+ universities and companies to provide online courses in many different subjects. many of these courses are free and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home today.

The course in Digital Marketing consists of the following subjects.

| Analytics.
| Search Engine Optimization.
| Social Media Marketing.
| 3D Printing.
| Pricing Strategies.
| Marketing Channel.

The course takes about 8 months to complete and you will receive a certificate upon completion. with a flexible schedule, you can decide when to learn and that will determine how quickly you’ll finish the course. 


A List Of Digital Marketing Courses For Free Online like canvas

Hubspot is a software company that specializes in products for sales, marketing, and customer service. there are 12 classes in Digital Marketing to educate you in the world of marketing.  

Enjoy subjects in Digital Marketing like: 

| SEO.
| Blogging.
| Email Marketing.
| Keyword Strategy.
| Call To Action. 

At the end of the course, you can take an official exam to test your skills and receive your online digital certificate.


Udemy is an American online course supplier which is open to everyone with the desire to learn. with more than 10,000 + courses that have a variety of subjects like Cooking, Fitness, Web Development, and Digital Marketing.  

Of course, all the courses listed in this article are free, but Udemy is offering more in-depth subjects for a small or bigger price. 

| Google KeyWords. 
| B2B Digital Marketing.
| Zero Investment In Marketing.
| SEO Strategy. 
| Social Media Marketing.

Some courses are free while the paid courses can have more valuable information and may just be worth spending the extra cash. 


CANVAS Student Portal - Bethlehem Catholic - Bethlehem Catholic

Canvas is an educational company and is a web-based learning course system, which has a variety of free online courses on many different topics. the courses on Canvas are always updating so we suggest you check in once in a while to see your subject is available.

| Global Marketing Writing.
| Copywrite and Fiar Use.
| Social Media Marketing.

These are just some of the topics Digital Marketing Canvas has to offer now, but do a check-in to see if there is anything new. 

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