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Sendinblue Affiliate Program to earn high commissions

In order to get highly paying commissions for affiliate programs we recommend you try the Sendinblue software which pays 50% commission.

Sendinblue platform allows its users to grow their sales by using a dedicated email marketing software, CRM, and page builder. you can receive a commission payment for both leads and sales, once you refer a user to start using the Sendinblue software you will receive a small commission, for every paying client you get a big commission. 

Blog sites and network marketing can also refer their visitors to the Sendinblue software to earn commissions. even the user of the software can earn money, simply by sharing the software with other people.

Signing up for the Sendinblue affiliate program.

Sendinblue Affiliate Program to earn high commissions

You can join the affiliate program by signing up for a third-party platform Tapfiliate, to receive the affiliate link. once you’ve completed the signing up process you will receive the costume link and banners to share on your site and social media. 

Keep in mind that the Sendinblue affiliate program puts you under “Temporary standby” until you can make at least one consumer purchase a subscription. 

How much can you earn using Sendinblue affiliate program?

The commission process is fairly simple. there are two commission rates you can receive using this affiliate program.
| €5 for every new account.
| €100 for every subscription purchase. 
The Sendinblue affiliate program is a highly rewarding program for its high-paying commissions. the Sendinblue software is getting more and more popular by the day thanks to its amazing features and platform, this makes it a lot easier to promote to visitors and attract new clients. 
Sendinblue is working with Tapfiliate, which is one of the best trackings platforms that allows you to view your commissions in real-time and has a cookie life span of 90 days. 
The Sendinblue affiliate program payout is simple, for every customer that signs up you will receive payment, by PayPal or straight to your personal Bank account. 

Ways to promote the product.

As an affiliate, you have a few ways you can start promoting the Sendinblue platform.

| Writing Blog posts about the product and placing the affiliate link inside the content.
| Make email campaigns and send them to your subscribers.
| If you have a YouTube channel you can make a video review about the product and leave the affiliate link in the description for the viewers.
| Using ur social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and others, you can market the product.

In conclusion.

If you are looking for a high-paying affiliate program we defiantly can recommend you give it a try. the best thing that can happen is you will earn hundreds of British pounds using this program. even if you don’t pass the “Temporary standby” you can always try again in the future. 

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