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Affiliate marketing on Amazon and how to do it

Affiliate marketing on Amazon is a great way to make a passive income from home and affiliate marketing what is it? and how does it work

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Affiliate marketing on Amazon will not make you a multi-billionaire however it may definitely help you enjoy a nice passive income. This is not something that is completely work-free since you need to invest time and thought to make it work. Amazon also has an affiliate program and we will see how it can make us a passive income.

Affiliate marketing what is it?

Affiliate marketing is a term you stumble upon very often online. Sometimes, it comes with a promise for a high income with not much effort, which can be deceiving for a lost soul online, the first part is correct and you can make a high income online using this method, however, it is not a work free process, it will require a time investment and a lot of thought at least at the beginning. To learn how to make it work we need to understand the concept of affiliate marketing. The concept is very simple: our mission is to recommend a product/service of a seller/provider we contacted and add a personal affiliate link to buy the product/service. Any purchase made through the personalized link will make us a predetermined commission we agreed upon with the seller/provider or with the affiliation program provider/platform (affiliate marketing on Amazon for example).

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

Affiliate marketing on Amazon offers a huge variety of products to choose from with an endless supply of niches, however, you will have to choose the product/s fitting your niche the most, For example: If you have a great knowledge of technology you can recommend a gadget and add to your recommendation your personal affiliate link for purchase like in the picture below.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

Amazon is a long-existing platform and affiliate marketing on Amazon is not a new option offered by them, we can be sure working with Amazon associates is safe since there are tools that offer complete transparency between Amazon and you and monitor all activities related to your account.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

When working with Amazon, we are working with one of the biggest online stores in the world, which obviously didn’t achieve that status by being a sketchy place to shop online so, when working with Amazon we are working with one of the strongest brands on earth, therefore, a reliable platform for affiliate marketing. Amazon has fixed commissions between 1%-10% when the basic commission is 4% on any purchase made through your link. The money you make on Amazon associates can be withdrawn either as gift cards for Amazon or as income when the minimum amount is $100. Choosing the products to recommend after you join Amazon associates is correlated directly to your online activity. If you have a website with a lot of traffic you can put a cheap product with a low commission but, using a product that is coveted by the masses you can make an income out of that. If you have a specific niche you represent you can recommend purchasing a certain product and insert your personal affiliate link for purchase so you can make the commission on the sale (even if someone entered through your link but didn’t buy the product you recommended you will still get the commission on what they bought since they used your personal affiliate link.

Platforms for marketing Amazon

Affiliate marketing on Amazon has a high potential to increase your monthly income when you can do it professionally. In order to fully fulfill the potential of affiliate marketing on Amazon, it is required to have some sort of a groomed digital asset related to the products you are selling.

Affiliate marketing Amazon on a blog

If you have knowledge in fitness, a professional blog with valuable information can draw web surfers. Relevant recommendations for shoes, food supplements, fitness equipment, etc… – will lead the web-surfers to Amazon to purchase through your personal affiliate link from Amazon associates and get a commission for anyone buying through your link.

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook, the social network, can also be a business network, if you succeed to create a community around a certain subject in a Facebook group or business page, you can publish links to purchase from Amazon, it is important to add valuable information and not just market sales, remember Facebook has a great chance to make it viral, however, make sure not to market it too hard.

Marketing on Instagram

While surfing through Instagram there are a lot of paid ads popping up, however as marketers, our goal is to build a niche-related page with a strong community that has a great chance of buying an item recommended by us. It is a relevant digital asset for working with Amazon’s associate’s affiliate program.

Marketing on Youtube

Youtube has become a marketing platform long ago, when having a niche related channel, you can offer products related to your specific niche, for example, let’s say we have a DIY channel and we are showing how to build something, we can market the tools we work with or a glue we are using, etc…

In conclusion

Affiliate marketing on Amazon is a great opportunity to create a passive income, however when we look at the world of online marketing, we can see that the field of affiliate marketing on Amazon is saturated with competition, so, when working we need to invest in the quality of content and also the quality of the product. There are a lot of affiliate marketers on Amazon and the competition is very high in that field today, when using any of the platforms stated above to affiliate market Amazon on, we need to make sure that the content we provide is top quality and that the product’s added value is well emphasized as well as the relation to a certain niche you represent. When building a community it is important to remember that unique content will make us succeed in building a better and stronger followers community, of course, the more the merrier since we are trying to reach as many people as we can in a certain niche we are trying to market. It is important to emphasize that this is a very competitive field and to make yourself a passive income you will have to work very hard on creating great content and creating a community to market too, since it is a very competitive field you will have to also see what your competition is doing to stay ahead of them as well as always update on the best products and content for your niche to stay on top of the game. The Amazon associates is not a new program and you are not the first to get in and try it before everybody else, you are entering into a shark-infested sea of blood that only the strongest can swim through, are you sure you have what it takes to make yourself a passive income on that? Come and test your might!

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